'Aika palaa' / 'Time returning - burning'. Art Ii Biennale 2014.
Wood material from a school building which burned down in 2003 in Ii village.

"Every tree has its own personality", says sculptor Antti Ylönen. "Just like us humans, wood has individuality and a recognizable personality, which manifests itself in annual rings, patterns and cracks developed over the years. Wood also tells us about the passage of time."

The main themes which Antti Ylönen has been dealing with in his art are time and emotion. The favourite material for him to express these issues is wood. Essential elements in his art are sophisticated design together with spiritual, meditating ambience, elements which together form a timeless and sensitive experience. In order to feel the warmth and silky surface of the material the audience is usually encouraged to touch his art works.

Antti Ylönen has joined many international projects in Spain, Turkey and India. In Japan he has worked several times, twice in Studio Youkobo in Tokyo and has also carried out a commissioned sculpture for the Minamisoma Concert Hall.

Ylönen is one of the founders and home artists of International Art Centre KulttuuriKauppila in Ii, in the North of Finland.